Make Wallet API calls


This page relates to the statechannels server wallet ONLY. It is a work in progress.

In the following diagram A and B are each a separate server application each with their own statechannels server wallet instance running in the same process.

The diagram shows a typical "happy path", directly-funded state channel interaction between those applications, their respective Wallets, and the Blockchain. The id of the channel is '0xabc', for illustrative purposes.

sequenceDiagram participant WalletA participant A participant B participant WalletB rect rgba(0, 0, 255, .1) note left of WalletB: Opening a channel A->>WalletA: createChannel(); WalletA-->>A: 0xabc: opening WalletA-->>A: outbox: [msg0] A->>B: msg0 B->>WalletB: pushMessage(msg0) WalletB-->>B: 0xabc: proposed B->WalletB: joinChannel('0xabc'); WalletB-->>B: 0xabc opening WalletB-->>B: outbox: [msg1] B->>A: msg1; A->>WalletA: pushMessage(msg1); WalletA-->>A: 0xabc: funding WalletA->>Chain: deposit() Chain-->>WalletA: Deposited Chain-->>WalletB: Deposited WalletB->>Chain: deposit() Chain-->>WalletA: Deposited Chain-->>WalletB: Deposited WalletA-->>A: outbox: [msg2] A->>B: msg2 B->>WalletB: pushMessage(msg2) WalletB-->>B: 0xabc: running WalletB-->>B: MessageQueued(msg3) B->>A: msg3; A->>WalletA: pushMessage(msg3); WalletA-->>A: 0xabc: running end loop i=0...m note left of WalletB: Running a channel A->>WalletA: updateChannel(state-4+2i); WalletA-->>A: 0xabc: (state-4+2i) WalletA-->>A: outbox: [msg-4+2i] A->>B: msg-4+2i B->>WalletB: pushMessage(msg-4+2i) WalletB-->>B: 0xabc: (state-4+2i) B->>WalletB: updateChannel(state-5+2i); WalletB-->>B: 0xabc: (state-5+2i); WalletB-->>B: outbox: [msg-5+2i] B->>A: msg-5+2i A->>WalletA: pushMessage(msg-5+2i) WalletA-->>A: 0xabc: (state-5+2i) end rect rgba(0, 0, 255, .1) note left of WalletB: Closing a channel A->>WalletA: closeChannel(); WalletA-->>A: 0xabc: closing WalletA-->>A: outbox: [isFinalA] A->>B: isFinalA B->>WalletB: pushMessage(isFinal) WalletB-->>B: 0xabc: closed WalletB-->>B: outbox: [isFinalB] B->>A: isFinalB A->>WalletA: pushMessage(isFinalB) WalletA-->>A: 0xabc: closed WalletA->>Chain: concludePushOutcomeAndTransferAll() Chain-->>WalletA: AllocationUpdated Chain-->>WalletB: AllocationUpdated end
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